December 31, 2015 2 min to read

Cities To Get Lost In

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Some cities lends itself well for off-the-radar adventures where you don’t have a clue about your current location. These spontaneous urban escapades are a great way to unearth the hidden gems, get a feel of the local culture and meet new people. Here is the list of cities which are best experienced without a guide book and map.



The ultimate head spinner of a city – try navigating endless identical canals and streets that veers off into blind corners while your senses are being assaulted by stunning scenery. Getting lost in Venice can be a very rewarding experience – drift away from the crowds to vendors selling fresh produce from their gondolas and peaceful sunlit courtyards.

Find your way back :- Venice is a tiny town so even if you get hopelessly lost, you are always a few minutes away from a water taxi ride.



Intoxicatingly atmospheric and unapologetically chaotic, Varanasi’s labyrinth of alleys are perfect to lose yourself in to explore the sweet shops, temples and silk worksheds.

Find your way back :- Ask any of the several bicycle rickshaw drivers for directions. And no matter how lost you become, you will almost always end up at a ghat.



Except for the efficient Metro, the City of Light isn’t exactly a navigation friendly destination. Fortunately, the magic of Paris lies within the hidden patisseries, cafes and cheese shop where you can while away the day sipping on espresso and watching the world go by.

Find your way back :- Ask around – despite a reputation for being rude, the French are actually quite friendly, especially if you are polite, don’t expect a return smile (the French don’t smile at strangers) and can manage a few words of the local language.



Discover the extreme contrasts of tranquility and chaos in this fast paced meteropolis bathed in a constant neon glow. Let loose into this surreal landscape and you just might get off the road to discover the wabi-sabi side of Tokyo.

Find your way back :- Tokyo has one of the best public transport system in the world. If it gets too overwhelming, get to the nearest train station to head back home.



There are two great things about getting away from the tourist center in Istanbul – one, the hard selling rug merchants fade away and are replaced by quaint tea shops and parks. Second, the city’s undulating hills rewards you with stunning views and perfect hiking trails.

Find your way back :- To get back to the tourist trail, stop for a glass of tea and ask for the way to Sultanahmet.