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May 31, 2016 2 min to read

11 Different Types Of Travelers In GIFs

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Travelers are a diverse breed and it is surprising how different people approach the same destination in so many different ways. If you have been out there, you’ve probably come across some samples from each species.

The Organizer

Different types of travelers | The organizer

You’re the one in control of all the plans – organizing the flights, booking the accommodation and researching day trips – all meticulously color coded in a spreadsheet, of course.

The Bang-for-the-buck Traveler

Different types of travelers | The budget traveler

This could be your uncle or aunt next door. It isn’t like they are stepping out of their homes for the first time, but they’ll milk every destination dry, even if it leaves them exhausted, or even ill.

The Thrill Seekers

Different types of travelers | The thrill seeker

Adrenaline junkies and dare devils travel far and wide to find the world’s highest bungee jump, the world’s tallest mountain (which they then proceed to climb) and pretty much anything extreme and perhaps previously unheard off.

The Foodie

Different types of travelers | The foodie

This traveler is genuinely surprised as to know how someone on the earth just enjoys a place and not the food.Usually they plan holidays based on the type of the food that is famous at that travel destination. In simple words, they travel to eat.

The Selfie Taker

Different types of travelers | The selfie taker

This traveler is thrilled by the way he or she looks, which is why they can’t stop taking pictures of themselves from different angles, and in different attire every time. Don’t be surprised if their vacation album looks more like a modelling portfolio. Paris or Pondicherry, you can’t really tell!

The Whiner

Different types of travelers | The whiner

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This type expects everything to be exactly the way they planned. They are easily discontented when the supposedly 7-hour trip duration ends up taking 9 complete hours.

The Backpacker

Different types of travelers | The backpacker

They quite literally travel far and travel light. They refuse to be burdened with convention and rules and indulge themselves in every opportunity available. Ironically enough, as much as they hate sticking to any convention and like to be seen more as free spirits, they’re very easily identified by the tool that gives them the flexibility while providing them with their daily comforts – their backpacks!

The High Flyer

Different types of travelers | The high flyer

The high-flyer is all about indulgent travel. They’re not afraid to shell out extra dollars on five star hotels rooms, extravagant dinners and first class flights. They are all about YOLO-ing and air-conditioning is non-negotiable.

The Shopper

Different types of travelers | The shopper

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This traveler just wants to shop and shop and shop some more. They will make sure that they are thorough with all the shopping market, shopping lanes and shopping places popular in the city they are planning to visit for their next holiday.

The Facebook Bombarder

Different types of travelers | The facebook bombarder

If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen – this is the motto that this type lives by. Going by the constant deluge of vacation pics on your timeline , you can’t help but wonder if they’re finding time to enjoy their vacation at all.

The Groupies

Different types of travelers | The groupies

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Typically found travelling in packs, this group is filled with individuals who are the life and soul of the party wherever they go. This group of travelers make the most of every holiday as they’re usually enjoying a diverse range of experiences on their travels.

Identify any of the traveler types as your friends? Guilty of being one yourself?

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