December 31, 2015 2 min to read

Get More Out of Your Travels!

Category : Travel Tips

They say a thin line separates travellers and tourists. While the tourist merely scratches the outer crust of a place, the traveller dives right in to the core to experience the flowing, changing spirit of a place. Here are few ways to get more out of your travels.

Eat where the locals eat


Every city/town has a couple of legendary eateries where the locals have dined for generations. Choose a place depending on your culinary preference and regardless of whether it is a fine dining experience or a dhaba, go for it.

Ditch the packaged tours


First off, we are in no way against packaged tours;they can be useful in several instances like family vacation or while travelling in large groups. But, if you are backpacking or travelling solo, its always better to free yourself from the limiting confines of a packaged tour. Packaged tours take you to the most popular ‘tourist’ spots. And therein lies the problem, you will end up missing out on lot of hidden gems that are away from the spotlight. Join an online forum and ask for suggestions from seasoned travellers, also read up as much as you can about the place and plan ahead.

Go easy on the camera shutter


A lot of the beautiful moments on your trip will pass you by if you are too busy fiddling with the camera settings. A true traveller knows that nothing can triumph that feeling of being totally immersed in the moment; where the past and future withers away…do click pictures, but only if you really have the time.

Befriend your tour guide


Tour guides are walking storehouses of interesting stories and anecdotes and are usually willing to share them with genuinely interested folks. If you sense he is a decent guy, try to be friendly, share your lunch, ask about their family and soon enough you will be uncovering the lesser known places and opportunities those stuck-up tourists missed.

Do something adventurous


Find something adventurous to do in every single destination. The things we do tend to stick with us for a long time compared to visual interactions. Going to Manali ? Don’t lounge around in the cafes and go on a trek. Heading to Rishikesh? Finish your tour of the temples and go kayaking or rafting.

Try to learn the local language


Even a few broken phrases like ‘Hi’ and ‘Thank you’ in the local language will get you major brownie points when you interact with the shopkeepers and new friends.

Explore the place on foot


Don’t get caught in the mad rush to see as many place as possible. Change your pace and take a walk to fully experience the place. A case in point is Varanasi, you will miss out on a lot if you just motor your way around the place.

Visit the busiest market on the busiest day


Sometimes the best time to experience a place is at its chaotic best. Shop, eat and explore to your hearts content at a major market in the city.

Don’t be in a rush to see and do everything


Many tourists suffer from this nagging fear of missing out on a vital attraction or activity. To counter it, they race from one place to another, turning the whole experience into an assignment rather than a vacation. Try to schedule your travel wisely and take your time at every attraction.