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How to Become Travel Agent in India

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Not long ago, becoming a travel agent in India meant traversing a rocky road riddled with lengthy documentation, red-tapism and corruption. Thankfully, things have changed for the better, and today there are several ways to become a travel agent without pulling out your hair in agony.

The two popular ways to go about this is to apply on the IATA website or register with one of the travel companies. There are pros and cons to both routes of application but the latter is more straightforward for someone new to the industry.

While choosing a travel company to work with, check for the following

1. They have a strong and extensive travel agent network across the country

2. They already have a successful team of home based travel agents

3. They offer a good training program and provide marketing and technical support

There are quite a few travel companies that offer an agent program, however, if you are not diligent, you might end up being another brick in a pointless pyramid scheme. As with any business, a successful travel agent career is dependent on training. Anyone who tells you that one can magically transform into a travel agent overnight is flat out lying.

Benefits of becoming a Via Agent

1. Quick and easy signup – Fill out the form with basic information and we will call you back

2. Minimal documentation – Mail your Know Your Customer (KYC) documents and get your
account activated

3. Open Registration Fee – Recharge your account with an amount you are comfortable with. The entire amount can be redeemed for transactions

4. Marketing Collaterals – Access a range of marketing tools to promote your business, including brochures, posters, flyers and signage for your shop

5. Presence – We have offices in over 2,400 towns and cities in India and it is very likely that we have an operation in your vicinity.

6. Guidance and Training – A dedicated sales guide will guide you through any issues pertaining to the business. You will also be invited to our quarterly PPC meeting for guidance on how to increase sales and improve client retention.

7. Social Media Promotion – Via has a strong social media presence with over 800000 Facebook fans. We will leverage this extensive network to promote your business

8. Powerful Technology Platform – Our platform is designed for extreme scalability, smooth integration and state-of-the-art data security. Via can equip and support you with the best travel technologies to adapt to changing travel trends.

The Via movement started in the small towns of India, the acceptance was overwhelming and in a way, humbling. We worked to empower the people to fend for themselves, lead a better life and survive against behemothian companies with millions in marketing budget.

It has been an eventful journey and we have learned and discovered a lot – about people, about the business and about us. We now want to utilize that experience and know-how to spread the movement even further. To help people – cutting across all divides – lead a better life and face the world with confidence.

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