Japan Cherry Blossom

April 14, 2016 0 min to read

Japan : Funny, Weird & Cool Facts

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Japan is a stunningly beautiful country with a penchant for for the weird and quirky. We have listed out the best ones for you!

Japan is home to one of the world’s largest indoor waterpark

Japan Indoor Park

Japanese have found a way to grow square watermelons

Japan Square Watermelons

Trains have swiveling seats so you can admire the scenery

Japan Train

It is breathtakingly beautiful

Japan Cherry Blossom

There’s a highway that goes through a building

Torri Gate

Ice cream comes in weird flavours like Green tea

Green Tea Ice Cream

Drinks are expensive : a coffee can cost 450 yen (INR 257 approx) in cafés


People are super-polite and kind

Japan - Kind People

There of plenty of Indian restaurants!

Torri Gate

They create the funniest signboards


Meet the world’s saddest coffee – The Deepresso


Bullet trains are awesome and scary fast!

Japan Bullet Train

Japanese homes have really cool, high-tech toilets

Japan Toilet

Bright red Torii Gates symbolize the transition between the spirit and the human worlds

Japan Torri Gate

 Umeshu (plum sake) is delicious..don’t miss itUmeshu

A Rail Pass will save you money and make your life easier

Japan Rail Pass