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Via Diaries With Blogger Naina Madan

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Naina Madan is the solo female traveler – and very emphatically so by choice not by chance. With her bright red bag always by her side, this is a girl set to travel far and wide. She works a regular job during the week and wanders off to new destination on the weekends. She is the kind of traveler we all want to, and yet hardly get to be.  A foodie at heart, her journeys are inspired just as much to find a new gastronomical delight as to find the picturesque location.

Want to know more about the foodie and the blogger? Read on about Naina Madan and her blog.

Q. What inspired you to blog about travel? What was your first blog post about?

 A. My visit to Varanasi was the first time I felt the inclination towards blogging and that’s the fiest destination I wrote about.

Q. How do you prefer to travel (mode of transportation)?

A.  I prefer to either take the bus or the train.

Q. What are your favourite travel destinations (Indian & International)

A. In India, any place in Himachal Pradesh.

Q. Who/what is your ideal travel partner?

A. I, Me and Myself – I love travelling solo.

Q. What do you look for in a destination?

A. I look for a little bit of everything in the destination- solitude, shopping opportunities, scenic locales, adventure, cultural exchange and new cuisine.

Q. What are the 5 things you always pack in your travel bag?

A.  Power bank, body lotion, my little notebook, a book and a cosy stole.

Q. What has been your most memorable journey so far? Why?

A. Varanasi. The city is chaos and peace coexisting at the same time. I remember looking at those evening aarti pictures for many years now, on TV shows and online. And when I was finally there, that moment I got a little emotional and overwhelmed by the whole elaborate, beautiful synchronized scene unfolding in front of me. It was unbelievable.

 Q. What is your dream destination?

A.  Spain

Q. Which blogs do you follow?

A. Adventurous Kate and Nomadic Matt.
You can read more about Naina and her blog posts at A red bag of stories.