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Most Annoying Flyer Awards 2017

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Ask any avid traveller about their journeys and the conversation will invariably include something about meeting ‘cool and interesting people’. Well, what they often leave out is the existence of people on the opposite end of the spectrum – the downright annoying ones. Here are the best(worst?) of the lot!

The Seat Kicker


Everyone has encountered this entity at one point or the other. The jerk who sits behind you who randomly goes into Muay Thai mode and starts kicking/tapping your seat. What makes it worse is that they seem to time their blows at the most inopportune moments like when you are eating or trying to take a nap.

 The Queue Jumper


You can find this entity even outside of the airport but its really exasperating to deal with it when you are already tired and loathing a long flight. This self-entitled  brat is always racing against time and other human beings and is forever in a hurry. Next time you encounter this hellion, simply tap on its shoulder and ask it to politely get back in line.

The Aromatic Passenger


Maybe it’s garlic, maybe its whiskey, maybe its the sickening odour of a someone who missed his/her tryst with the shower for way too many days. Whatever it is, may the dear God bless you if you ever happen to encounter this fragrant entity coz it’s the hardest one to tackle; simply because there is no immediate, practical solution for this predicament (unless of course, you are the kind of guy who carries a gas mask around with you at all times).

The Music Sharer


Probably the least offensive in this list (in our opinion of course) but they are an irritating presence nonetheless. It’s difficult not to get the jitters when your co passenger walks in wearing massive open ear headphones. Thankfully, they are usually a genial bunch and  respond to polite request to lower the volume.

(Dis)Honourable Mentions


Seat Back Guy

We understand you’re really tired and need a quick nap. But please consider the fact that you are in the Economy Class of a Low Cost Carrier and the person sitting behind you has less than 3 inches between his knee and your seat.

The Arm Rest Hog

This entity was probably absent from the Moral Science class in school when they taught about ‘sharing’ and ‘being considerate’.

The Chatterbox

We’ve all met our share of characters who just can’t seem to take a hint that you are not interested in small talk. But most of the time, we have an advantage of simply walking away. Well, not when you are in a compressed metal tube that is being hurtled through the air at 900 km/hr!

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