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November 24, 2021 4 min to read

4 To-Do and Not-To-Do things for Dubai visitors

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White sand beaches, iconic skyscraper buildings, great wonders of the world fascinates thousands of visitors every year. 

Dubai is a most renowned city for inviting visitors from any corner of the world. Its fast-growing economy makes the city richer and developed. The city is attracting more tourists. With everything from iconic buildings to adventurous activities, the city is a great place to have fun. 

This is the safest city in the world and hence has very strict rules and relegation to be followed. Before visiting the city, you must be aware of all the Dos and Don’ts for Dubai visitors before landing in Dubai to enjoy your holidays. 


Essential Do’s for Dubai visitors

#1. Respect the local people and tradition

To do in Dubai

Culture and tradition, one of the biggest reasons to fall in love with any place. Culture and traditions make you feel connected with the locals, people and give a different experience of happiness. 

As Dubai follows the religion of Islam, if you respect this religion and do nothing offensive in Dubai traditions, this beautiful city will show you a lot of love and make your stay one of the most memorable in your life. Islam is a religion of peace and respect.  Whenever you greet someone with a smile on your face and say “Assalamualaikum” they will show you a lot of love in return as it shows dedication in adapting to the culture. 


#2. Take the metro when visiting Dubai

To do in Dubai

The most common mistake a Dubai visitor makes is, not preferring Dubai metro to visit Dubai sites. The Dubai metro takes you to the most attractive sites. 

It is a great way to secure from the heat and long traffic jams on the emirate roads.

Dubai metro is clean, efficient, cheap and air-conditioned. If you compare the taxi prices and metro prices, you’ll find a huge difference between the two. Check the metro schedule before planning a trip via metro.  


#3. Keep your drug prescription with you

The Dubai government is not at all in a favour of drugs. Government policies aren’t only strict when it comes to recreational drugs, but also to medication prescription.

If you are caught with any medication without being aware of the cause and status as per the guidelines then you are a probable visitor to invite trouble. Therefore, it’s far better that you double-check all the dedication before visiting Dubai. Be planned earlier, carry all your medical prescriptions hands-on and try not to carry the medicines that authorities don’t allow. 

#4. Be mindful of the time

To do in Dubai

Have you ever been in a situation where you plan to go to a tourist spot and your travel just to enjoy and the spot is closed? This situation is worse than a breakup. The weekends in Dubai are different than in our countries. They have weekends on Fridays and Saturdays.  

So, make sure that you update yourself with the timings of the tourist spots and travel modes. Planning your next day on an early basis will lead you to have a good experience with the wonders in Dubai. 


#5. Remove your shoes before visiting someone’s place

Removing your shoes before entering someplace is considered the symbol of goodness you possess. 

No matter wherever you visit, either to your friend’s house or anywhere else, don’t forget to take off your shoes.


Essential Don’ts for Dubai visitors

#1. NO PDA or Public display of affection

PDA or public display of affection is considered offensive in Dubai’s culture. It may result in a fine or even arrest. 

The only allowable PDA is, holding hands and decent hugs, kissing each other and beyond that is considered as report-worthy behaviour.  Therefore, it is better to keep your hands to yourself and respect Dubai’s culture. 


#2. Don’t drink in public

Don'ts in Dubai

Most hotels having bars, clubs and pubs are allowed to serve alcohol to international visitors. Make sure that you don’t drink or get intoxicated in public.

This is the last thing you can be arrested for. Be sure not to be found staggered in a drunken state. If you end up getting very high then book a cab and reach home without creating any abundance. One more thing you need to keep in mind, you can only buy drinks if you have a license. 


#3. Don’t take photographs without permission

Don'ts in Dubai

This may sound very rude but that’s how it works in Dubai. No matter how photoholic you’re, you are not allowed to take pictures of every spot you visit. 

Taking pictures of local people is considered an offensive act. So, it is far better to ask once. Once you get permission, you can click as many pictures as you can. 

Also, don’t click the pictures of the airport, police station, travel palace, and ports. 


#4. Don’t use your left hand for a handshake

Don'ts in Dubai

While you visit Dubai, you have to be very careful while using your hands. You can’t use your left hand for a handshake or to greet anyone. You can’t use your left hand while having or during the hand of some items especially food items.

The left hand is used for the cleaning purpose of the body and needs not be used somewhere else. No matter how clean your hand is, you can’t use it. Sounds weird but that’s how Dubai culture believes. 

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