India's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

November 21, 2021 6 min to read

Top 10 must visit country pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai

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With a course of 8 years and spending of $7 billion, Dubai had opened the doors to Expo 2020. There are hundreds of reasons to visit Dubai every year, including skyscraper buildings, world-class hotels, the world’s biggest buildings, Fountains but Expo 2020 is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Expo 2020 is the most future-forward global expo in history. This mega event is a witness of technology, architecture, science and culture. The best thing you should explore at Expo 2020 Dubai is astonishing country pavilions with a wow architect. 

These magnificent country pavilions are the outcome of the talented imagination of globally renowned architects. All the country pavilions are in line with the official theme of Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility. In this blog, we have listed the 10 most impressive, outlandish and unusual pavilions.

Let’s experience the best experience. 


Mobility Pavilion

#10. Finland: Sharing future happiness

Designed by – Helsinki Studio JKMM architects

This pavilion is built around a calm, timber-lined space where people can spend a few minutes in peace from the bustle of Expo 2020. 

Check out the wooden ‘gorge’ carved into the centre of the pavilion, this will provide you with a shaded retreat. White fabric covers the pavilion to evoke the look of Finnish snow.

Finland pavilion is a peaceful heaven filled with surprises inside the ‘snow cape’ and gives you a vibe of the country’s natural beauty. A fascinating feature of this pavilion is the Finnish Majlis – a meeting place to connect minds.


#9. Russia: An infinite source of creativity

Designed by – Tchoban SPEECH

The motto of the Russian pavilion is, ‘creative mind: driving the future. Creativity is a crucial part of the human mind; hence the main focus of the internal exposition is on the human mind. The outer shell of the national pavilion consists of a multitude of intertwined multi-coloured tube threads. 

With the combination of vibrant colours and constant changes in direction of threads, it represents an unending process of cognition, the rapid growth of progress, and an unstoppable motion forward. 

Leading by its motto, creativity is a crucial part of the human mind; therefore the main focus will be on the human mind- the most complex phenomenon in the whole world.

#8. Australia: Blue Sky Dreaming

Designed by- Bureau^Proberts

The Australian country pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai demonstrates the character and personality of its people. The pavilion reflects the country’s distinctive culture and landscape, through a cloud-like form suspended over folding timber. 

Visitors to the Australian Pavilion will be able to learn more about the nation’s technological advancements and modern discoveries. Water-saving technologies are displayed, and events are held to stimulate discussion about global challenges.

The paint was used to represent clouds as 3D figures. During evening time, the cloud-like structure lit up in a dynamic display that reflected Australia’s thunderous skies.


Sustainability Pavilion

#7. Singapore: Nature.Nurture.Future

Designed by- WOHA

The major motive of the Singapore pavilion is to create an oasis in the desert. People can escape from the bustle of Expo 2020 Dubai and spend some time in peace at this pavilion. 

The pavilions give an experiential journey to the visitors through a three-dimensional garden. Buildings were built around three plant-covered cones, which contained a series of exhibition spaces. To reach the pavilion, visitors take a route up through the building on a series of walkways that pass through hanging gardens and around and into the cones.

At the top of the building, there is an open space with a cafe to have drinks, food and a sunken auditorium for chit-chatting. 


#6. Brazil: Together for sustainable development

Designed by: JPG.ARQ, MMBB And Ben-Avid

The Brazil pavilion has recreated the amazon basis. This astonishing pavilion evokes the experience of the Amazon rainforest in Dubai has a shallow blade occupying half of its area.

Brazil pavilion has been built with an investment of $20 million to offer a great experience to their visitors. Inside the pavilion,140 giant projectors have been used to project the video and images of Brazil. These video images include brazil forests, rivers, urban centres food and culture projected on the pavilions’ interior.

The primary theme of the Brazil pavilion is biodiversity. The country has highlighted in such a way that it communicates the endeavours of the country and commitment to the environment and climate change mitigation.


#5. Sweden: Co-creation for innovation

Designed by: Alessandro Ripellino

The Swedish pavilion has dubbed the forest an alternative material instead of concrete and steel. 

Visitors can walk through the paths flanked with wooden trunks and can learn how Sweden is building smart cities. Creating the next generation of travel, innovating life- sciences and developing a bio-circular economy. 

At Sweden pavilion, experience the co-creation with leaders in smart and digital industries. Ex[plore how open, innovative and transparent societies are built. Don’t forget to experience Swedish coffee at the Sweden pavilion.


Opportunity Pavilion

#4. Saudi Arabia: An inspiring Saudi vision for a shared future

Designed by: Boris Micka Associates

The Saudi Arabia pavilion revolves around creating a thought-provoking and memorable journey that invites visitors across the love to experience the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This pavilion is an exciting prospect for anyone with a spirit of adventure, as it combines a young, ambitious population, rich cultures steeped in heritage, natural wonders, and a rapidly diversifying economy. 


#3. India: A sustainable future for the planet

India's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Designed by:  CP Kukreja Architects

India pavilion, the glittering jewel of Expo 2020 Dubai. This national pavilion resembles India’s commitment to philosophy. 

The India Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai offers a golden opportunity to showcase India’ culture, art, innovation and invention to the world. The pavilion presents India as the next hub of growth and innovation.

India pavilion is built on a theme of “Openness. Opportunity. Growth”. Under this theme, the pavilion has focussed on 11 primary themes leading by – climate and biodiversity, space, urban and rural development, knowledge and learning, travel and connectivity, etc.

Each theme has a dedicated zone in the pavilion. These themes allow the visitors to explore the diversity and culture of incredible India.


#2. UK: Innovating for a shared future

Designed by: Es Devlin Studio

The UK pavilions open the doors to some fun with AI and space. It gives you a glimpse of what the future will be like with integrated technology. 

You can add your voice to continuously changing collective messages generated by visitors and AI and get a glimpse into the future which is inspired by a project from Stephen Hawking. You can explore everything in the UK pavilion from the commercialisation of space to Artificial Intelligence. 


#1. UAE: The land of dreamers who do

Designed by: Santiago Calatrava

The UAE pavilion is on the top of our list. As this is a natural behaviour, as the host of this global exhibition, it’s natural for the world to expect the UAE pavilion to go above and beyond showcasing the country’s future and vision.  

In order to stand unique, the host of the exhibition came up with something very special. The design of the UAE pavilion resembles a giant falcon. The steel plumage structure of the pavilion is the design highlighted at Expo 2020 Dubai. 

The falcon design of the pavilions fits the theme of the Expo 2020 Dubai. UAE founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan used to send falcons to connect the tribes of the region with one another. The bird of prey symbolizes the unity of all people over the world. 

There are four floors spanning 10,000 square meters. Visitors can feel the cultural vibe of Emiratis and their achievements.


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