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The Best Places To Experience The Top Indian Festivals

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Come next week and we will be on a roll with festivities all over the country. From Dussehra and Karva Chauth to Diwali and Durga Pooja- the entire nation is going to be in the mood for celebrations. If you’re wondering what to do for this year’s festive celebration, check out these top destinations and ideas for a memorable time

Dussehra – Mysore

Vijayadashami also known as Dussehra or Ayudhapuja, is the ultimate celebration of the good’s victory over evil. The ‘Ramlila’ – an enactment of the life of Lord Rama, is held during the nine days preceding Dussehra. On the tenth day, larger effigies of Ravana, his son and brother – Meghnadh and Kumbhakarna are set to fire.

For the best and most immersive Dussehra experience, head to Mysore. Mysore Dasara is one of the most celebrated and pompous festival of India. During this period, the whole of Mysore undergoes serious changes and it is decorated beautifully with the streets lighted and the trees decorated. It attracts a huge audience both from all over India and all over the world.

Indian Festivals - Mysore Dasara

Indian Festivals - Mysore Dasara1


Indian Festivals - Mysore Dasara2


Navratri – Gujarat

While Navratri is celebrated in different parts of the country, the way it is done is pretty different. In the south, it is celebrated as Golu with a display of dolls that symbolize feminine power. You wouldn’t find dance to be a part of the celebrations. In the north, Navratri is often celebrated with Ramleela that depicts the tale of Ramayana and effigies of Ravana are burnt on Dushhera. However, in western part of India is where the real celebrations take place with all the music, dancing, garba and dandiya.

Gujarat is the only place where all nine days of Navratri are celebrated with utmost enthusiasm. PGujarat. Women adorned in glittery outfits perform the folk dance Garbha and Dandiya around the pot.

Indian Festivals - Gujarat Navratri

Indian Festivals - Gujarat Navratri1


Durga Puja – Kolkata

Durga Puja is the one of the most famous festivals in India, in honor of Goddess Durga during the period of Navaratri. A week prior to the festival, entire cities gear up and can be seen wearing a look of eagerness and excitement as they prepare to welcome the Goddess home.

Durga Puja is the most popular festival in West Bengal, Assam and Bihar, and is celebrated with great pomp. The festival celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Indian Festivals - Kolkata DurgaPuja

Indian Festivals - Kolkata DurgaPuja2

Gurgaon: Women participate in Sindur Khela (playing with vermilion powder) at a community puja pandal on the last day of Durga puja celebrations in Gurgaon on Saturday. PTI Photo(PTI10_4_2014_000046B)


Diwali – Varanasi

Diwali, known as the “Festival of Lights”, is the biggest festival of the year in India. This five day festival commemorates the victory of good over evil, and is an occasion for prosperity and family togetherness.

Varanasi is a crazy place at any time of year, but it becomes even more so during Diwali with a constant stream of firecrackers and fireworks going off all night long.

Indian Festivals - Varanasi Diwali1

Indian Festivals - Varanasi Diwali2


So, where will you be heading this festive season?

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