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4 Features That Makes Unique

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In today’s competitive travel market, every other company uses tricks of discounts/offers to lure customers. But as a traveler, I ask myself, is discount all that I want from my travel partner?
Perhaps no, because there are other factors which influences my buying decisions. The most important factor amongst them would be ‘Information’. And like me, every traveler wants to know
things in detail, be it a hotel or holiday booking.Second factor would be ‘ease of use’. A site with complex structure can make the user feel tired by clicking on multiple buttons/links. The end result is he/she hitting the close button of the browser in frustration. Apart from this, there are multiple factors which makes a site user friendly.
Keeping all this in mind, we at Via decided to introduce some features which will make our users feel great when they surf our site.

a) All Time Cheapest International Fare chart (Don’t be confused with simple airfare calendar)
This feature is designed for those who want to know the cheapest fare available to a particular destination/sector in the current year. This is a very handy tool for those who are flexible with their
travel dates and have a limited budget.



b) Hotel Room details in One Click:

This is very unique and time saving feature that we have recently introduced. Now a user can get
to know the rates for different room types in a particular hotel on the search page itself. Other
websites will ask you to click on details, then go to individual hotel pages to check price and
availability, before finally proceeding to book. But on, you can see, compare and book
any room type from the search page itself. We have reduced your booking process by 3 pages.



c) Buy tickets using deposits (avoid transaction fee):

You must have noticed that most travel sites will ask you to pay Rs. 150­300 extra as

convenience fees/transaction fees/payment fees while booking online. With Via, you can book
tickets with ZERO convenience fee using our deposit model. Just sign up and deposit your ticket
amount (using net banking/credit card) in your account before purchasing on You are
saving Rs. 150 – 300 extra apart from the discount.

d) Membership Bonus:
We offer several special incentives to our members. Let me mention it all here –
1) When you sign up – Get 100 bonus points
2) Buying tickets –

100 points per ticket for one way domestic flight ticket
200 points per ticket for round trip domestic flight ticket
150 points for hotel booking

200 points on every Rs. 5000 you spent on holiday booking

Where 1 point = 1 INR