December 31, 2015 1 min to read

Welcome to The World of Via

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Greetings !!

I’m extremely pleased to invite you all to the VIA Blog.


Mr. Swaminathan, CEO,

VIA is a movement which has unfolded in the small towns of India. It has given voice to small business owners who otherwise lose out to large internet players. The beauty about VIA is it never spoke any regional language still people who were not fluent in English took it most easily. People world over shy away from giving advances to people they do not know, but when it came to VIA they deposited monies with VIA even though they had not met anyone physically from VIA. Trust & Acceptance doesn’t come easily and we saw that we got it in abundance because our customers got their self respect from the VIA platform. If someone comes to you and helps you make a decent living and in addition introduces you to new customers would you not love them and welcome them again and again…that is the story of VIA. Initially far flung remote corners of India and now other parts of the world like Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Middle East…are embracing the VIA model. The story is the same wherever we go, people need to be treated decently, given a fair deal and an opportunity to fend for themselves and then you have acceptance, growth, success. While on our journey we made some new discoveries, people around the world also have a lot to share, if we help them do it then world is a better place for it. If we help them earn from it then the world is truly a more valuable place. Today our goal is to bring forth the human value to the front, if using technology, capital, management skills we are able to do it then we are truly a special business. I therefore reiterate my first statement that VIA is a movement which is people first and always.

I look forward to hearing from all of you out there and I’m sure your thoughts will help make this movement flow always !!