award-imageFrom being India’s largest business to business travel network, made the foray into directly serving customers in 2012. Since then, our pursuit of innovation and customer obsession has been recognized by multiple awards and organizations.

The latest feather in our cap is the “Most Promising Brand 2015” by Economic Times. was chosen from 250 shortlisted brands for successfully establishing a unique business model that creates a mutually-beneficial ecosystem for its customers and partners.

The brands were shortlisted after considering parameters of innovation, brand value, brand recall, consumer satisfaction, customer service and quality.’s unique combination of strong offline network and technological prowess has set the stage for it to become a truly unique and ubiquitous global travel brand.

This recognition is a testament that we are on the right track in the journey to reach out to our customers through multiple channels and deliver memorable travel experiences, time and again.

At Via, our mantra has always been fairly simple – leverage our extensive inventory and partner network (73,00 at the last count) to help our customers find the lowest fares in the shortest time in a simple interface. It has served us well in the past, helping us scale to 5 countries and serve more than 4 crore customers in just 7 years.

Being contented with a mobile site for several months, we recently felt that only a mobile app truly ticks the right boxes when it comes to fast, easy and efficient travel booking interface. And that’s how we embarked on a “better late than never” journey to launch the Via mobile app.

The Via App is incredibly light but power packed with features to help you book flights, hotels and bus tickets faster and easier than ever before!! It is built around a blazing fast and buttery smooth interface that glides through search, book and checkout with minimal taps.


Quickly sort flights by departure, duration, price. Further, you can filter flights based on number of stops, preferred airlines, price and departure time. The app also lets you mix and match multiple airliners for round trips to hit the sweet-spot where your preferred flight fare and timing meet. Continue Reading…

These beautiful places are, ironically, some of the most dangerous on the planet. While the adventurous ones might find them perfect for an adrenaline filled expedition, those with a milder disposition will do good to give them a wide detour. Here are the top places on the planet that are way more precarious than your average vacation spot.

Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Until the discovery of interplanetary spaceflight, this is probably the closest we will get to an alien landscape.

Danakil DepressionMain

The Danakil Depression is strangely beautiful as it is brutally inhospitable; the region is riddled with active volcanoes, smouldering sulphur-caked hot springs and sprawling salt basins.

Danakil Final Split

How to reach :- Danakil is located in Northern Ethiopia, close to the Eritrea border. The closest airport is Mekele International Airport which has daily flights to/from Aksum, Addis Ababa and Lalibela. From Mekele, you will have to contact a local tour operator to arrange for the 4x4s needed for the trip.

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A major aspect of travelling abroad is dealing with the lengthy documentation and conflicting information related to visa processing. Maybe in a futuristic, utopian world, travellers can just pack their bags and visit any destination without having to deal with this presently unavoidable annoyance.

Well, until then, there is some saving grace for people whose travel plans were jeopardized by visa formalities. We have compiled the list of the top island destinations in the world that are either visa-free or offer visa on arrival/via email for Indian citizens.



Vanuatu has several unique attractions to its credit : a ship wrecked luxury liner in clear waters, a massive banyan tree the size of a football field, an easily accessible active volcano, charming villages with exotic rituals and colourful ceremonies, picture perfect beaches all to yourself and some of the most stunning diving spots in the world.

Visa Regulation :- Indians can stay visa free on the island for up to 30 days, this can be further extended for up to 4 months

How to Reach :- The national carrier is Air Vanuatu and the main international airport is in Port-Vila. There are direct flights from Sydney and Brisbane to Luganville.

Stay:- There are plenty of budget and mid-range accommodation options in the form of resorts, homestays and guesthouses. Coconut Palms Resort, Hideaway Island Resort, Tradewinds Resort, Benjor Beach Club and Coral Motels & Apartments are the best value hotels in Tuvalu. They charge around Rs. 3k to 7k per room night. Solo travellers can check in at the Blue Pango Motel for as low as Rs.1500 during off season.
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Family vacations have a tendency to be cheaper, hassle-free and more enjoyable when you plan them ahead. The “decide on a destination, pack and leave” scenario might work for a solo or backpacking trip…but a hastily planned family vacation can go from “this is such a fun trip” to “what the hell is happening” really fast.

Apart from that, studies reveal that 3 months prior to a trip is the sweetspot in getting the cheapest flight ticket and the best deal on hotel rooms. So go ahead and start planning your family holiday for 2015, we have listed some of the top summer vacation getaways in India to help you out.

Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep

Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep

A beautiful, desolate island that offers plenty of secluded white sand beaches, turquoise waters and water sport opportunities. Tourists are allowed access to only a certain areas of the island while the rest are occupied by the (friendly and generous) locals. Rent an air conditioned beach cottage in the sole resort operated by SPORTS and spend the days scuba diving and snorkelling amongst some of the most vibrant marine life on the planet. The nearest airport to Kadmat Island is in Agatti, around 75 km away. The cruise from Agatti to Kadmat Island on a high speed catamaran makes for a splendid trip with frequent encounters with large schools of fish, coral reef and other marine life. Continue Reading…

Sipadan 3

Hailed as an ‘untouched piece of art’, Sipadan is a tiny rainforest covered island floating on the Celebes Sea off the East Coast of Sabah in Malaysia. This remote island was formed as a result of coral growth on the volcanic cones rising from the ocean floor and is home to a unique and diverse marine ecosystem. Continue Reading…

Over the years, Christmas has become a truly global festival, irrespective of religion or location. From Europe, to South America and Asia, here are the places that celebrate the yuletide spirit with the perfect mix of tradition and fun.

Prague, Czech Republic


With around 600 years worth of architecture untouched by war or natural disasters, Prague is one of the best looking cities in Europe. Christmas time further adds on to the city’s romantic charm when the streets are lit with thousands of fairy lights and the stores are decked with festive decorations. The Old Town Square is the hub of of Prague’s Christmas celebrations and the entire area is transformed into a magical market with choir singing by candlelight, wooden carts selling local handicrafts and ladies in traditional attire frying Trdelník (Czech pastries). Continue Reading…

Mobile app vs responsive mobile site? That was the fork on the road for us when we started out with our mobile strategy. With an almost equal number of pros and cons for both, there were several bouts of brainstorming before we finally decided on a mobile site.

One year and millions of hits later, we feel we made the right choice, both from a business and customer perspective. To celebrate the milestone, we are offering an exclusive discount for flight bookings on Via mobile for a limited period. Continue Reading…

We recently introduced the option to select seats for SpiceJet flights on Here’s a nifty guide weighing the pros and cons of each section of the aircraft to help you snag the best seat on your next trip.

 Front, middle or back of the cabin


This is largely a personal choice, but on most wide-body aircrafts, the front of the economy cabin, away from the engine tends to be quietest. The front seat passengers also have the advantage of being the first ones to deplane at the destination. The rear of the cabin is the noisiest due to its close proximity to the aircraft engines and the section is also more sensitive to turbulence.

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