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Best Travel Destinations According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Traveling rules aren’t set in stone. Some folks don’t care much about the destination as long as the company is good while others need diligent planning right down to the view from their hotel window.  However, In all the corners of the world, there’s a place where the stars align perfectly with your personality, where you will find ultimate freedom, adventure and inner peace.  Find out where your zodiac sign will take you!


Active and fierce, Aries prefer adrenalin-soaked, heart-pounding adventures. They need an itinerary and a destination that will channel their energy in the right way to squeeze the most out of the experience.

Destination : South Africa

For safari tours and surfing


Known for their exquisite taste and self-indulgent tendencies, Taureans like to be pampered on a vacation. Fine dining and great service feature on top of their list.

Destination : Wine Country, California

A perfect place to unwind and enjoy some exquisite wine.


Geminis are inherently social and love crowded places where they can interact with people and indulge in a bit of culture at the same time. Urban destinations with active nightlife are best suited to Gemini folks.

Destination : London, England

 For pub hopping, world class theater and museums.


Cancerians prefer the company of family or close friends when out on a vacation. Places with quiet, homey surroundings and accommodation suit them the most.

Destination : Devon, England

 For sleepy towns and beautiful coastlines


If a place is known for its glamour quotient and luxurious lifestyle, chances are it already features on a Leo’s bucket list. Leos appreciate lavish destinations and are drawn to fancy and opulent surroundings.

Destination : Paris, France

 Chic and elegant, the French capital ticks all the right boxes for a Leo traveler.


Virgos don‘t take anything at face value and like to analyze and observe the world around them. They may get fussy sometimes and like it best when things go according to their itinerary.

Destination : Morocco

There’s plenty that adventurous Morocco offers for the ever inquisitive Virgo.


Easy-going Librans make for perfect ttravel companions. Always cool and composed, Librans are not easily shocked by new cultures and love adventurous backpacking trips.

Destination: Cambodia

Adventure-loving Librans are sure to have a good time in tropical surroundings.


Headstrong Scorpio like things their way. They generally avoid crowded places and would much rather read in a cafe or enjoy secluded getaways rather than go for a loud concert.

Destination : Venice, Italy

 The peaceful gondola rides are just what a privacy-loving Scorpio craves on a vacation


Always curious and restless, a Sagittarian on a vacation is often like a little kid on a sugar rush. They get bored easily and like to cover as much as possible in a given timeframe.

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

From beautiful mosques to spice markets, Istanbul will keep a Sagittarian busy all through the day and night


Capricorns are cautious travelers and avoid vulnerable situations. They’re good with executing plans, like things simple and neat and love exploring historical sites.

Destination: Berlin, Germany

For historic monuments and art exhibitions


Curious and imaginative, Aquarians like to steer clear of usual tourist trails and are least likely to let a travel guidebook dictate their plans. Unexplored landscapes and places shrouded with mystery really get them excited.

Destination: Iceland

For the enchanting Northern Lights


Laidback Pisceans would much rather spend a lazy afternoon on a tranquil beach with no cellular reception. They look for peace and serenity to escape the everyday rat race and for solitary reflection on life.

Destination: Japan

For a deep cultural and spiritual experience such as  Sensoji temple in Tokyo, Japan.

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