August 23, 2016 1 min to read

How To Get Over Your Post Holiday Blues

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The past week was a delight for everyone. Independence Day and Rakshabandhan gave everybody an easy excuse to catch a break and reap in the benefits of two consecutive long weekends. Some wise folks, who planned their holiday calendar much in advance, managed to sneak an entire week off and take the much deserved holiday. While nothing beats a week-long stress-busting vacation, some of us suffer from a Post-Holiday syndrome getting back into the routine after a long break. Worry not, we are here to help you step out of the fantasy land where you are still sipping on a Sangria by the beach.

Play butler

Getting over post holiday blues - Unpack

Unpack immediately. There’s nothing more depressing than tripping over suitcases for the next fortnight.

Eat Well

Getting over post holiday blues - Take it easy

After a week of indulging in sugary, fatty desserts, skimping on fruits and veggies, and forgoing the gym, it will take some effort to resume a healthier regimen. The key: Put some patience on your plate and start with a simple salad.

Use light

Getting over post holiday blues - Use Light

Spend as much time outdoors as possible. One of the reasons we feel so well on holiday is that we spend time in natural daylight rather than shut away under strip lighting. Even if you can’t spend your days at the beach, you can still escape every day for a brisk half-hour walk.

Be artistic

Getting over post holiday blues - Be Artistic

Take up something from the holiday and add it your routine once you are back.  Take up classes for the Egyptian belly dancing, master the French art or try your hand at learning the Asian cuisine. We assure you that your sunny mood will continue.

Show off

Getting over post holiday blues - Show Off The Tan

If you have just come back from the vacation with a fantastic tan – you must look and feel like a million dollars, don’t waste it! Throw a pool¬†party and show it off to your friends.

Plan Your Next Trip

Getting over post holiday blues - Plan The Next Trip

Nothing will get you more over the post-holiday blues than planning your next escape.

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Chhavi Mahajan