August 18, 2016 1 min to read

8 Reasons Why Siblings Make The Best Travel Partners

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The bond that you share with your sibling is truly special. You share a mutual set of emotions with them- embarrassment from parents, annoyance over that one irritating relative- not to mention the several secrets that stay just between you guys. It is a relationship which needs to be celebrated, and you don’t need a special occasion for it. If you want to do something special with your sibling, taking a trip together beats everything else!

You can go crazy because you are in the most reliable company

While you indulge, you know you’re as safe as you can be because your sibling will always have your back.

You have someone to blame for everything  that “sounded like a good idea at that time”

Travelling with an elder sibling means that you can be as carefree as you want, as they get blamed for all the mischief. On the other hand, travelling with a younger sibling means you can finally loosen up and be a child again.

You don’t have to worry about the bill- just eat!

Especially, if you are the younger one. Older sibling always foots the bill.

You can be yourself all the time

You don’t have to wake up early or eat your food with sophistication. Your sibling has literally seen you grow up with all your eccentricities and weird habits.

You can finally settle those scores

With mom not interrupting those sibling squabbles, you can finally settle who had the rightful claim to that last Snickers in the refrigerator, that suspiciously went missing.

You won’t feel homesick

The chances are that you won’t feel homesick at all. But if you miss maa ke haath kaa khana , nobody will understand better than your sibling.

You can get some amazing pictures together

Admit it, your most amazing, Oscar-worthy photography ideas seem to click when you are together!

It will make your parents happy

Because nothing makes parents happier than seeing their kids along (like they always should have)  and being a big fat happy parivaar !

Chhavi Mahajan