travel with dad

June 19, 2016 1 min to read

My Dad, My Gateway To Wanderlust

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travel with dad

When you wander along an empty road, when you have no destination or goal in mind, when you exist in your own timelessness, when you talk to strangers and share a few profound nods, when you still choose solitude again as your lover, and when you keep the smile ready, just so…You know you have a great father. My dad, my role model, the wings beneath my wings gave me these lessons. Lessons for life, lessons for travel.

solo travelLive in the moment

That’s the best part about travel. Travel knows only today. Yesterday is for the camera roll and tomorrow is for the road. So the next time you worry about not finding love or happiness, pick up your bag and travel. Love will follow. Only it will not be a heart-shaped balloon coloured in red. But who cares.

backpackerTravel, unlearn, uncover. Repeat

This is one essence of travelling. When you return home and lay down on your pillow, you feel the worth of it. So rediscover your lost sense of wonder and always, always find your peace, no matter the struggle. So experience sunsets in unknown cities, the smell of new places and new stories.

what to eatShare a meal

When you leave homes and hometowns behind and walk past friends and friendships and fraternities, go beyond the known, the comfortable and the familiar. Rush past dreams and desires and wishes and make friends in unknown lands. Share a meal, share a moment.

Megha Paul
Megha is a hoarder of books and indie magazines. She is either on a trip or planning one. And in between, she becomes a storyteller and writes travel stories, too. You will find her exploring the city for new coffee shops. She prides herself with awesome taste in music and dreams everyday of receiving her Hogwarts letter.