August 2, 2016 1 min to read

Capture These 5 Travel Shots for Instant Instagram Success

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We all dream of coming back with amazing pictures from the trip, putting them up on Instagram and becoming an overnight sensation. While the actual success of your photography might depend on your skills with the camera, there are certain photography shots that can clicked by even an amateur and garner quick likes.

Capture the things you see at sunset


This is the best time to take photos, no matter where you are in the world. The light is soft and everything looks lovely and dreamy with that warm glow. Most people can figure out how to take a nice photo of a sunset. The trick is to think outside the box and try to capture it in a different way. An emotional silhouette, sunrays peeking through the trees, a unique angle or perspective.

Rethink the cliche shots

Instagram Shots - Rethink Cliche

Visiting tourist spots when traveling is practically inevitable, but you don’t want to return home with your images looking just like the guide book. It’ll be much more fun and interesting if you take unique shots of popular travel destinations.

Catch the flavor of the local culture

Instagram Shots - Local Culture

A great way to capture the essence of your destination is to take portrait photos of local people. If you’re shooting from a distance this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to take close-up portraits it’s polite to ask permission first.

Pay Attention To Details

Instagram Shots - Details

When taking photos on your travels, you’re likely to shoot a lot of wide landscapes, tranquil beaches, and busy street scenes. But don’t forgot to look out for the smaller details at your destination that bring out interesting details everywhere you look.

Tell a story

Instagram Shots - Storytelling

A good photo tells a story, and travel photography is the perfect opportunity to tell interesting stories with your pictures. There are different ways that you can tell stories through your photos – sometimes the actions of the subject tell a story in themselves.

These are our 5 shots, what tricks do you use to capture the perfect shots for Instagram?

Chhavi Mahajan