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Top 10 Bachelor Party Destinations In India

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Bachelor Party Locations

One of the most quintessential events in a man’s life is that one last epic blowout that he wants to have with his close group of friends before getting hitched. The concept of one-last-party-before-getting-hitched is also catching up with the bridesmaids and the brides to-be. However, the groomsmen have traditionally taken it up as a personal mission to throw the man of the hour a pre-wedding bash he will never forget. And why not, as Joey and Chandler  said- “It is the end of an era!”.

If you are looking for a destination that can take on the ingeniously mischievous plans you have for your friend’s Bachelor Party, here’s a list of the top 10 destinations you can choose from:

Get spoiled in Goa

Bachelor Party Locations - Goa

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Goa’s status as India’s go-to bachelor party destination is still unrivalled. The food, the music, and the people from across the globe all willing to make new friends and have a great time is what makes this India’s number one choice for a naughty bachelor trip. From beach shacks where you can just chill with a beer and some sea-food to beaches where there are no strict rules about nudity, Goa has it all making it a great choice for a spicy bachelor party destination.

Take a road trip to Leh Ladakh

Bachelor Party Locations - Leh ladakh

Now, this one’s probably on a lot of people’s bucket lists that never really came to realize itself. And, you getting hitched is probably going to strangle any chances you might have of doing this again, if you haven’t already. There is a pleasure involved in biking that is often understood only by bachelors. So, get your friends, get a couple of bikes and head out on this one-of-a-kind road trip that we consider one of the best the country has to offer. Watch the sunrise, meditate or camp in the Ladakh mountains. But yes, don’t forget to let the child in you rejoice!

Get adventurous in Himachal Pradesh

Bachelor Party Locations - Himachal Pradesh

If your buddy is a fan of the outdoors, Himachal Pradesh has bundles to offer. Hit this little place in Himachal Pradesh called Kasol. And then go zorbing or para gliding in Billing Valley. Maybe do a bungee jumping in Solang. Or maybe trek. Pick your favorite or all of them, pack your beer bottles and just drive. Not too far from Delhi, this is the place to be to enjoy those last few moments of unbridled bachelorhood before “marriage” happens.

Scuba diving in Lakshadweep

Bachelor Party Locations - Lakshadeep

Hire a yacht, load it with beers and sail out into the Arabian Sea. Or would you want to go kayaking? Or maybe you would want to do coral gazing? How about doing it a-la-“Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and doing a scuba? Take your pick. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and if you don’t know how to sail, there are crash courses available at Kadmat, Lakshadweep.

Riding Camels in the Jaisalmer dunes

Bachelor Party Locations - Jaisalmer

Could you think of a better spot if a luxury/chilled out party with a special close group of friends was what you were thinking about? Well, Jaisalmer hits just the right spot with its camel rides, desolate dunes and luxury camps under star littered skies offering the perfect blend of isolation and luxury. Be good to yourself now.

Head out club-hopping in Mumbai

Bachelor Party Locations - Mumbai

This one is fairly obvious; Mumbai and its night life are the talk of legend among the party folk, and since we are talking about a blow-out, we’d suggest heading over to the city that doesn’t sleep. Mumbai folk warm up to like-minded jivers very quickly and your bachelor party could just become the talk of the town.

Find Peace at Pondicherry
Bachelor Party Locations - Auroville

If the crowded clubs and beaches are not your thing, then visit Pondicherry which is known for its pristine beaches. The French quarters, Auroville and the beaches are all great places to hang out with your friends. Leave your car behind and cycle your way around the beach. Perfect way to un-mould yourself from the usual life.

Camp And Chill In Kasol

Bachelor Party Destinations - Kasol

We know there are some of you who’d just chill and pump smoke with your “homies” just like the old times rather than create a hectic travel itinerary for yourself. And, what better place would there be to do that than the Parvati Valley with all its greenery, if you know what we mean. Head out to some of the quieter spots down into the valley like Chalaal and Katagla, for a bit of isolation and ease.

Ski In the Solang Valley

Bachelor Party Destinations - Solang

Trek through snow and take a couple of weeks off to ski or snowboard down the Himalayan mountain slopes in the Solang valley. Out of reach from any kind of cellphone network or nosy neighbours, this is the perfect place to disappear to with your friends and spend a few weeks just chilling out.


Bachelor Party Destinations - Home

Going broke spending for the wedding or too busy to take a leave from work before the big day? Relax, there’s no place like home for a merry good time. Just gather your buddies, bring in the booze, the food, the cards – and relax in your temporary man-cave!

No matter which of these places you choose, we are sure that you will have one hell of a time. After all, it’s not everyday that a guy gets married and not everyday does he get to live his bachelor life one last time.