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July 2, 2016 2 min to read

Top 5 UFO Spotting Destinations In The World

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Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, with almost 192 daily sightings reported worldwide, the UFO phenomenon is something you definitely cannot ignore.  On this World UFO Day, we present to you the top 5 locations which seemed to have captured a particular interest of our alien visitors.

The United States

UFO Spotting -USA

The USA is one of the top spots for UFO sightings with more than 5,000 incidents reported annually. Area 51, the mysterious top secret area in Nevada, tops the list along with Sedona, Los Angeles, Texasm Pacific Coast Highway and Phoenix. Renown as the ‘UFO Capital of the World’, this extraterrestrial highway has claimed more alien sightings each year than anywhere else in the world.


UFO sightings - Peru

A series of huge ground drawings near Lima, Nazca Lines is another famed spot for UFO sightings. Best view can be captured from an aircraft or the surrounding hills, however the purpose of these drawings is not clear. Some UFOlogists claim that probably the Nazca people were visited by aliens and that these lines were made with the help of those extra-terrestrials. As might be expected, the UFO sightings over this area are very common.


UFO Sightings - Russia

There are 2 major places that report of UFO sightings in Russia. The first is the M triangle. Located at a distance of 600 miles from Moscow, the place is also known as Russia’s Area 51. The second one is Sochi. Alien space crafts and flying saucers have been regularly spotted by the locals. According to some people the Bythka Mountain in the area is a UFO base that serves as an airport for aliens between worlds.


UFO Sightings - Chile

Chile has become a favourite spot for aliens in recent times. The city of San Clemente reported numerous sightings of UFOs along with their photos. To fuel this sudden interest and niche tourism category, the city has also opened a 30 km long road called the UFO trail.


UFO Sightings - India

Although India is not so famous for spotting alien spaceships but there are certain areas which still continue to claim such sightings- Kolkata, Mumbai, Bihar and Ladakh. Located in Ladakh, the Kongka Lass Pass is said to have an underground UFO base. Hunderds of sightings have been reported China as well as India. According to the natives on the region, even the governments are well aware of these sightings. Another eerie fact- In 2006 Google Earth created a terrain model that revealed that the pass area had buildings similar to a military factory.

Do you think aliens exist? Have you ever hear of such sightings?

Chhavi Mahajan