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Travel Back In Time With These Nostalgic School Memories

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No matter how much we hated the morning alarm or the hours spent doing homework, we all look back at our school years through nostalgic, rose tinted glasses. Now that we are big enough to be travelling around the world, let’s take a trip back in time and reminisce about our most favorite school moments.

Our sincere attempts at making fashion statements with the uniforms

Back To School - Fashion


The ritual of “Brown paper wrapping”

Back To School - Brown Wrapping Paper



Friendship bands – because Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Back To School - Friendships bands



The doodles that made us all feel like Picasso

Back To School - Doodles


This coming-of-age box of instruments that guaranteed superiority over younger friends

Back To School - Geometry Box


This epic game that defined all kinds of childhood romances

Back To School - Flames



Long before the Game of Thrones; there was Pen Fight

Back To School - Pen fight


And Tipi-Tipi-Tap

Back To School - Tipi Tipi Tap


Childhood’s ctrl+alt+del

Back To School - Ink eraser


The best after-school treat

Back To School - Kala Khatta


Our first revolt against The System – “Mass Bunk”

Back To School - Mass Bunk


Our love-hate relationships came out during the class picture

Back To School - Class Picture



Chhavi Mahajan