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October 23, 2021 4 min to read

FAQs related to Expo 2020 Dubai | Everything about Expo 2020 Dubai

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What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

Expo simply means ‘A large International Exhibition. As its name says, Dubai is organizing this massive event. Expo 2020 Dubai has been a new sensation going on in the whole world for the last 7 years. Expo brings the diverse and fast-growing world to a single page to celebrate national achievements.

Expo 2020 Dubai is the biggest international event which will be held in Dubai, UAE.

More than 190+ countries gather to integrate and ideate to make the world a better place. Expo 2020 Dubai is the world’s largest event where the countries will be showcasing their art, culture, and innovation.

This will be a 6-month long event starting from October 2021 to March 2022. Dubai organizers estimated, 25 million visitors will arrive at Expo 2020 Dubai.  

What’s the history of Expos?

Expos conducted by a country every 5 years since 1851. It’s the exhibition of the entire world to celebrate and showcase the greatest innovations that have shaped the world today.

Expo 2020 Dubai is the recent addition to the world’s Expos list. 

Since 1851, Expos have helped humanity in making a change by gathering the people and nations under the one roof of education, cooperation and innovation. 

Putting forward a question, How do countries host it? They win it!
Countries bid for it and the one who has more votes in their favour wins it. Expos put a spotlight on the host country as a global leader.     

What is the purpose of the Dubai expo 2020?

Even a small exhibition in the world is organized with a purpose. 

They have a major goal of public awareness, to bring a change, to integrate and ideate together and convey the experiences. 

World Expo is an event that offers a platform for people to work together including the public, businessmen, politicians. Expo 2020 Dubai has invited the nations to discuss the common challenges faced by humanity and find a solution.

Expo 2020 is the tool for branding and development of the country. The sole purpose is to discuss the problems and find an effective solution to build a better future. 

The theme of Expo 2020 Dubai

The theme of this massive event is, ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future. The main theme aims to inspire the people by 3 subthemes, Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. The idea of the theme is to bring the world under one roof to catalyse the exchange of new perspectives and inspire action to real-life solutions to real-life problems. 

To represent the whole theme and sub-theme, countries will be having their country pavilions under three districts to showcase the ideas related to that theme.

What are the major attraction spots of Expo 2020 Dubai?

Dubai attractions had shifted the spotlight to Expo 2020 Dubai. Planning for this shift has been going on for the last 7 years. 

Listing 9 major attractions at Expo 2020 Dubai,

  1. Hitch an electric bicycle to explore the complete expo site. 
  2. Visit the India, UAE and other country’s pavilion
  3. Al Wasl Plaza, the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai
  4. Interact with friendly robots at the expo site
  5. Service stations based on the national tree of UAE
  6. SpaceX rocket at Expo site 
  7. Dine at Michelin-star chef table
  8. Spectacular view from the garden in the sky
  9. Experience A.R. Rahman Firdaus Orchestra


How many countries will participate in Expo 2020 Dubai?

192 countries are going to have their own pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai showcasing their culture, cuisine, art, technology, innovation, inventions (the best around the world). 

There 3 sub-themes followed by the main theme ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’, countries will support the sub-themes to showcase and promote that respective district. 

Which items are not allowed at expo 2020 Dubai?

Few items are restricted from being transported into or near the Expo site. Following is the list of items,

  • Professional filming equipment, professional photography equipment with lenses larger than 30 cm
  • Food and beverage items excluding infant food and beverage, special dietary items
  • Any device containing any laser beam/laser pointers
  • Animals 
  • Devices producing excessive noise for example drums, whistles, horns these devices may affect comfort and safety
  • Rigid poles and sticks except walking sticks required for mobility reasons
  • Signage and banners
  • Any religious, political, provocative or obscene message on clothing is not allowed
  • Items that are difficult or too large to electrically scanning
  • Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are prohibited at the expo site

As a traveler, you have to follow the guidelines and don’t carry any above-mentioned items with you as it may spoil your well-planned trip to Expo 2020 Dubai.

How to book tickets for Dubai and Expo 2020 Dubai?

Dubai is a perfect example of a diverse, inventive and fast-growing city. Dubai, with its royal life, is known for skyscraper buildings, economy, invention, growth and 100s of points of attractions.

This beautiful city attracts thousands of visitors every month. From the world’s biggest building to the sensation of the world, It has all. 

Expo 2020 is a new addition to the list of Dubai attractions. Update your list and keep Expo 2020 Dubai on priority because It’s the wonder you’ll regret to miss. Expo is a 6-month long event and will end in March 2022. 

Watch the whole world in a single place, enjoy the recreation of the new innovative world. Enjoy the engaging activities around the Expo site, country pavilions with their unique representation and more than 60+ live events each day.

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